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Learn to sing A Cappella
in four part harmony


If you can sing Happy Birthday, then we can help you learn to sing in four part harmony.

You may think that as an active performing Chorus, we are all professional singers...
...but did you know that actually, very few of our members can even read music?
Believe it or not, that's something we share with
Paul McCartney, Elvis Presley, Prince, Irving Berlin, Jimi Hendrix and Noel Gallagher.

None of them could read music, but it didn't stop them becoming world class musicians. Maybe you could do the same?

The first step to being part of a very active  chorus is showing up!
Come and join us next Tuesday 

Our Chorus is also home to smaller groups such as the Moctet, a group of approx 10 singers and several quartets

Any male over the age of 15 is welcome. There is no upper age restriction

The Major Oak Chorus or the Oakies as we are affectionately known is the oldest Male Barbershop Chorus in Nottinghamshire, and we are proud members of The British Association of Barbershop Singers and the Making Music Organisation.


Members of our Chorus regularly sing locally both at public events and shows and support and sing at many charity events.

We have several Gold Medal singers in the Chorus and some of us have sung at  international events in Europe, Canada and the United States. 

Our rehearsals are open to anyone and free to attend

Contact us today if you would like more information, or just come along to a rehearsal 
Rehearsals are at the address below and normally begin at 7:15 until 9:15
You will be made very welcome.



Carlton Junior School
Foxhill Road


07966 910201



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